How to Stop Letting Email Rule Your Life, and Create an Inbox That Manages Itself

At this point, you may have given up. The old ‘trickle’ of email that used to grace your inbox each morning has given way to an unyielding torrent of new messages.

And you’re drowning.

You’ve probably tried to do things in the past to get this under control. You’ve switched email providers and unsubscribed from email lists. You’ve made folders. Smart folders. Red folders. But the email monster continues to rear its ugly head.

…But that nagging voice in your head won’t go away. You *know* that there’s important stuff in there. And you absolutely cannot miss it.

Maybe you avoid email all together because you don’t want to deal with it..

Or maybe, even though your email is chaotic, you just deal with it.

Every morning, the idea of opening up your email gives you that sinking feeling in your stomach. That feeling has a name: It’s dread .

You dread your inbox because despite the fact that it is a disorganized mess, you have to interact with it every single day. Your social life and business all revolve around it. Heck, email may be the only way you can get your job done or get new customers.

You dread having to find emails that you’ve saved because you never know what to search for. Who was that from, again? What was the name of that attachment?

Maybe you’ve decided to just live with the mess in your inbox. But email is taking way more time than it should, and you’re not getting the stuff done that really matters to you .

There hasn’t been a good solution to this for a long time.

The Inbox Zero Training Program is that solution.

tammyThe Inbox Zero Training Program has revolutionized my work flow, and has tamed the overwhelm of my email. I now cannot live without the built in language translator, which is worth moving to Gmail alone. The videos were fantastic, and led me logically through all the stages of moving my 4 email accounts to Gmail, and putting the filters in place.

-Tammy Furey, 

What if Your Email Had its Own Air Traffic Control?

Every day, over 700 planes take off and land from JFK airport in Brooklyn, NY.  If you simply sat down on the runway and looked up at the sky, it would look like total chaos. 700 planes trying to take off and land within 1 square mile SHOULD be chaos.

But how often do the planes crash? Once every few years? Even less?

All these planes taking off and landing would create chaos, if not for air traffic control.

From where they sit, they can see everything and conduct the planes from the sky to the ground like the conductor of an orchestra. They are the brain of the airport.

Your email inbox is a lot like an airport. The emails you receive are like planes landing on the runway. Emails you send are like planes taking off. All your saved messages are passengers. Your folders are different terminals in the airport.

You probably feel like you’re trying land a plane at an airport with no air traffic control. No wonder you have crashes so often.

You lose important messages. You forget to respond to things you wanted to. You can’t find email when you need it.

Ever wish you had air traffic control for your inbox?

Imagine what it would be like if you had an intelligent inbox that could direct the flow of emails. Messages would be automatically put in folders. Unimportant items would be automatically routed away from your inbox. You could handle a high volume of email, but without having any major crashes (like missing something important).

Until now, there hasn’t been a course that helps you get this right.

I’m on a mis­sion to empower people and give them the tools to take con­trol of their email.

Email over­load has become an epi­demic that is con­sum­ing people’s time, adding stress, and reduc­ing productivity.

Are you interested in taking control of your email?

When I asked, I got a resounding YES from all over the world.

  • You told me that you would have less stress and the ability to see what’s important without feeling overwhelmed.
  • You told me that getting your email under control would give you more time to do billable projects.
  • You told me that once you got your email handled, you’d “spend more time on high-impact work and crank out more of what matters.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

You need to get yourself un-buried from email so you can engage in more meaningful work. Simple, right?

But you have fears about your inbox…

  • You have multiple email accounts and you aren’t sure how to consolidate them down to one without wreaking havoc.
  • What if you accidentally let something important fall through the cracks?
  • You fear missing something important when your definition of “important” is constantly changing.
  • You dread the amount of time it’s going to take to get yourself back on track
  • You don’t know what to consider “important”, so there are simply too many to respond to.
  • What if you wont be able to find a vital or important message once you put it away?

In order to successfully get a handle on your email and keep it that way, you need to do three things:

1. You need to identify what types of messages are important

2. You need to build a system that automatically categorizes messages

3. You need to teach that system to highlight messages with priority, while hiding or minimizing unimportant messages

But as simple as these three things seem, most people are operating with a broken system, and it’s creating chaos. What’s going wrong?

The First Stumbling Block: If Everything Is Important, Nothing is Important

When I’ve gone into people’s inboxes the first time in order to help them, they are often full of messages. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of them, and I’ve heard some variation of this time and time again: I don’t know what I should keep and what I should delete.

If you have no criteria for what an important email really is, you will never be able to decide what to keep and what to delete.

The Second Roadblock: Manual Labor

You shouldn’t have to be the secretary of your inbox. Messages that always get put into a specific folder should never have to be put there by hand.

If you are the head of the cleaning crew for your inbox, it’s no wonder you never spend time actually taking action on the important items.

And So I’ve Created A Comprehensive, All-Inclusive Training Program

I’ve been helping clients reduce clutter and create a system in their inbox, while building it in a way that brings them more free time to do what matters.

I’ve experimented, tried things out, and distilled the process of what works and now I’m ready to give you a tested method for helping you get your email under control.

The best part is, this works regardless of how much email you get (in fact, it works even better the more email you get).

As one of you wrote, “I’d love to see the magic that you do,” and I can’t wait to show it to you.

The Inbox Zero Training Program

The Inbox Zero Training pro­gram is a six module, inter­ac­tive online pro­gram that will allay all your fears and give you every­thing you need to get email under con­trol in your life.

I won’t only be telling you how to do this, I will be show­ing you , super­vis­ing, men­tor­ing you through the process of taking con­trol back from your hectic email.

Since I would like to see Email Ninjas all over the world, all classes are delivered via video, and are downloadable for easy access. There is private a mem­ber­ship site which contains the class con­tent, video lessons, a place to ask questions, and every­thing else you need.

Here is a look behind closed doors…

The Curriculum Includes:

  • How to dra­mat­i­cally reduce the volume of email that ever makes it to your inbox. We’re going to do more than just unsub­scribe, filter and delete. We’ll build a new system for deal­ing with email that will change the way you look at your inbox.
  • How to create a system that greatly reduces the amount of time it takes you to do email. You don’t have to be the sec­re­tary of your inbox– you’ll learn how to auto­mate things like fold­ers and orga­ni­za­tion so you can spend your time on what matters.
  • How to be able to easily see which emails are time-sensitive, so you never miss another impor­tant email. You’ll learn how to create a custom “dash­board” that shows you exactly what you need and min­i­mizes all the noise.
  • How to create sys­tems for respond­ing to repet­i­tive email, so you don’t have to waste your time repeat­ing the same work over and over. Using email with­out this is like having a phone with­out an answer­ing machine.

These components will give you a jump start on your inbox. These will be the key element for your success.

You won’t be just given a big manual and then told “good luck”. We will be building an intel­li­gent inbox that orga­nizes itself, help­ing you get your email under con­trol and keep­ing it that way.

I’ll teach you my secrets for search­ing and find­ing any email you need, so there’s no more look­ing through page after page of mes­sages to find what you need.

So Here’s Everything You’ll Learn to Liberate Yourself From Email Overload

Module 1: Make The Switch

  • Painlessly create one unified inbox for all your email accounts
  • Make the seamless jump to Gmail without having to tell anyone
  • Use TrueSwitch to import all of your old messages and contacts

Module 2: The Inbox Clutter-Bust- Stop Drowning Now

  • How to rapidly organize the mess you already have  and create a place of sanity
  • Finding the match between what you need to read and what you need to see
  • Identifying the source of your inbox misery and stopping it before it can hurt you

ddashI’m a pastor who was buried under email. I thought I knew gMail, but the Inbox Zero Training Program helped me set up my inbox to show me what’s really important. It’s helped me reduce my email load so I can focus on what matters most. Inbox Zero is a clear and helpful course that’s helped me immensely.

-Darryl Dash,

Module 3: Build The Foundation for Automation

  • Learning the language: Labels, Filters, Archives and a new way to think of email
  • How to start using the powerful combination of Filters & Labels
  • The basic recipe for an automated inbox

Module 4: Teach Your Email to Organize Itself

  • The crucial first step before you do any filtering
  • Uncovering what is really important… and how to filter the rest
  • Complex Filters that are smarter than you
  • Managing the exceptions, time suckers, and problems

Module 5: Next Level Inbox Maneuvers

  • Labs that will change the way you email.. and save you time every day
  • The ultimate power play: Combining labs and filters
  • Amazing Gmail plugins that extend what email can do

Module 6: Teach your Inbox To Show What’s Important

  • Building your dashboard so you see what’s important the second you log in
  • Keeping an eye on everything without having to wade through it all
  • Customizing the default view to provide you with what you need

I’m serious about helping you succeed. Here are three incredible bonuses to help you with that.

Bonus #1: A Real Live Person to Answer Your Questions : Yes, me. You’ll have the benefit of being able to ask any questions you need via the private membership site. You’ll always have access to the site, and to your past questions and answers as you embark on this journey.

Bonus #2: Updates for Life: From time to time, I’ll release new videos and lessons to cover changes to the Gmail interface, new labs, and new techniques. You will always have access to the course plus any new modules that are released in the future.

To ensure your success, here are all the implementation tools you get.

  • Action step homework so you know exactly what to do to get immediate results.
  • Easy to follow video modules that guide you step-by-step through the process.
  • Downloadable copies of all course materials.
  • Checklists to help keep you on track with your email revolution.
  • A proven road map for creating an inbox that organizes itself.
  • Unlimited questions answered to make sure you get it right.

An Unconventional Guarantee

My guarantee is that if you implement everything that I show you in the course, and you are not saving at least one hour per day on email, I will give you 100% of your money back. If you’re JUST doing email on weekdays, that’s an extra 20 hours per month.

Imagine what you could accomplish with an extra 20 hours. By the time you are home from work, and done with dinner, you only have a couple of hours before it’s time to go to bed and start the day all over again.

Saving an hour a day on email may not seem like much, but those hours add up to serious advantages. With an extra 20 hours per week you could learn a new instrument, work on your business or write a chapter in a book.

I spoke to one person whose husband literally had to spend all weekend on email in order to stay caught up. She is thrilled by the idea that he could have more time to spend with the family every weekend.

Or maybe you just want to be able to shut your damn computer screen and live your life.

This guarantee is based on an honor system, so I trust that you’re willing to do everything it takes to make this happen, and I personally don’t want your money if this doesn’t benefit you.

That’s how confident I am that this stuff works.

On top of that, there’s a 30 day guarantee. If this course doesn’t absolutely “do it” for you, just say so and I’ll give you your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings.

It’s Time to Tame the Email Monster

Is it worth it for you to continue with this problem another day?

How many extra hours are you spending wading through a mess of emails?

By the end of this course you’ll have an inbox that organizes itself, and I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process.

You’ve waited too long to get this under control, and you don’t have to do this alone. Let me help you change this.

When I have my email under control, everything works so much better. And when I help others their productivity skyrockets. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

Rave Reviews

munroWhen I came across the Inbox Zero Training Program I knew it was something that I desperately needed and I immediately jumped in to get started. Like many business owners, I was lost in email overload on a daily basis and found it difficult to filter out the important from the unimportant; the business from the personal. Going through just the first two modules in Ethan’s program transformed how I approach and process email on a daily basis. I literally took my Inbox from thousands of messages down to 10-20, and it only took an hour or two, which still amazes me. This approach now saves me hours each week in what used to be unproductive email time. I am looking forward to going through the rest of the Inbox Zero modules and to continue to refine my approach. This is something that most people would gain significant time-saving benefits from!

-Munro Murdock,

DSchwartzman_logo_greenOnce again the extremely competent and talented Ethan Waldman has come to my rescue. As the co director of an international artquilt exhibit and program director of an art guild I am inundated with emails. Ethan quickly assessed my problem, presented me the the gmail option, and then employed all the many organizing properties inherent in gmail to make my mail now efficient, manageable and easy to control.  Most importantly he taught me to be self sufficient. The service provided by Ethan was essential and I am thrilled with the result.

-Deborah Schwartzman,

smallEthan helped me drop my Inbox down to 25% of what it originally was. Yay!

-Megan Eckman,

imagesChecking my email used to stress me out, and it took up way too much of my time. No one should literally dread their inbox. Within a couple of days, I created filters, unsubscribed from the unnecessary newsletter/update subscription lists that I was on, removed all of my social media notifications, and started taking advantage of some of the GMail Labs! My inbox is now very clean and uncluttered, and the bulk of that happened in just a couple of hours. I’m still creating filters so that the focus is on important mail only. Thank you so much, Ethan, for encouraging me to utilize all that GMail has to offer!

-Ashley Jorn,